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Trailer Facts


  • We build galvanized sail boat trailers
  • Some of our trailers are refurbished. 
  • They are all float on trailers 
  • We build extensions for launching
  • Our used trailers are rebuilt stronger 





  • We also move boats
  • Sell Boats
  • Transport Boats
  • Trailer Parts

  1. Fenders
  2. Lights
  3. Tongue extensions
  4. Side Guides
  5. Safety Chains


Interesting Facts

  •  In 2008 the  EPA took the lead and nickel out of the hot dipped galvanize. I bought  all the hot dipped galvanized frames i could,built before 2009 at scrap  prices,so the trailer manufacturers could buy the aluminum to get a head  start in the aluminum trailer business. Some of the trailer builders  that did not get in the race,went under.Sportsman trailers in Texas  was one of them. I bought about 200 of there frames. These frames were  all built for mono hulls.I build my sail boat trailers with these  frames. I go up with a 2" galvanized pipe,then weld two 3/4" nuts near the top.I brace the risers  with two are three 1 1/2"x1/4" angle iron braces with a 1 1/2" pipe  telescoping up and down with a swivel pad or runners. 


J 22 and J 24 trailer fits most any boat with a deep draft.The axles are on slides U-bolted to frame

  •  J 22 and J 24  trailer fits most any boat with a deep draft.The axles are on slides  U-bolted to frame so you can add another axle. 


  • This trailer  is 30 ft . It will adjust to   any sail boat are mono hull boat. It is  galvanized  It is 42 years old. I has the  good galvanize.and great  American steel. 


  • Galvanized with three 5200 lb axle,     10 risers, adjustable to fit deep drafts 


  •  25 to 28 ft shallow draft or swing keel


  • Painted  trailer with 10 risers, 37ft long, with three 5200 lb axles,surge brake  on two axles. It is ready to go. Call it will sell fast. 


  • This trailer carried the boat 10,000 mi. It is for sale for $2,500.I will add a bow stop 


  •  Yard trailer  that can be converted later for road trailer we can add  one more 4500  lb axle and adjust the bow stop. The bow stop is U-bolted to the tongue.  When you have completed the work and ready for the road. We can assist  you in completing the trailer. 


  • Rubber bushing under keel board to take the shock off the keel.


Painted trailer for Catalina 25

  • J24 
  • Hunter 26 
  • Oday24 
  • $2300 


  •  24 ft frame for 30 ft boat for three  axles 


  •  This trailer  was made for a 5500 lb boat. We are able to add another slide with  axles, brake, and fenders to accommodate an 8000 lb boat. Also the two  axles were on slides U-bolted to frame. 


  • J27 1985  had  to add another axle. It had 700 lbs of water absorbed in hull. By  having axles on slides, we saved him about $2200.One happy camper. 

more trailers


  • Trailer on right, before uprights we go up  with 2" galvanize pipe with 1 1/2" to telescope up and down with swivel  pad on top.On top of 2" we weld two 3/4" nuts to hold the 1 1/2" That is  a big bolt. 


  • Trailer frame before up rights installed


  • This picture is to show you the extensions with tires we build.We can build any length. We also build extensions for the tongue.These are built with 3x3 tubing,no wheels.  if they are  under 8 ft we can ship for under $50.